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Residential/Commercial Services

Residential Services

At Alias The Bugman, we value what is most important in your life.  We are committed to providing you with quality pest control while keeping the safety of your family and pets our primary concern.  We customize each service schedule to suit your needs, and offer pre-set appointments so you don't have to worry about scheduling each service. 

Alias The Bugman evaluates your individual case and develops a specialized plan that will alleviate your pest control problems as quickly as possible. 

Besides the common pests such as spiders, ants and beetles, Alias The Bugman also offers treatments for hard to control pests such as bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, termites and rodents.  Whatever your pest problem is, we have the solution. 

Alias The Bugman offers a wide variety of service plans and uses only materials registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. 


Commercial Services

Alias the Bugman will perform a thorough inspection of your facility and provide you with a recommended Integrated Pest Management Program.  We will work around your business hours to insure discreet and convenient service.  In addition, we use only odorless pesticides

Only pesticides approved and registered by regulatory government agencies are used by Alias The Bugman.  All pest management services are performed by licensed, trained and uniformed service technicians. 

You will receive free inspections each visit and will be provided with any additional recommendations. 


Our Guarantee

Alias The Bugman guarantees to control all pests, provided that a regular treatment schedule is maintained. This excludes birds and rodents, as these pests can typically be controlled or managed with the use of exclusionary applications and may only require a single follow up visit to ensure your satisfaction.

Please call (319)665-BUGS(2847) for specific pricing and service schedules.  We can also arrange for an Alias The Bugman representative to visit you and conduct a free inspection and estimate. Additionally, you may also schedule service directly on our website.